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Embagga at Disney – Part 2

As a continuation of part 1, I just want to reiterate how much I love these kids and how incredible they are. I've been invited to join the choir on their return trip to Uganda, which would be an incredible opportunity and I know I could provide the documentary film ...

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African Children’s Choir – Embagga at Disney – Part 1

In July, I had the extreme privilege of photographing the Embagga Means Party concert in Atlanta through Shutter Sweet Photography. The African Children's Choir performed along with many other great bands and artists to raise money for the independent documentary film about the choir, Imba Means Sing. The visionary behind ...

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Building A Modeling Portfolio

After the Look Fabulous Tour last month, KiAnna (the gorgeous model in the gold dress) contacted me and said she'd like to do a shoot together. She wanted to build up her modeling portfolio and show a bit more lifestyle photos as well as modeling a rash guard that surfers ...

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Atlanta Fashion Photography (Look Fabulous Tour) & A Little About Me

Welcome to the new website design! This will be my first post since the new site is up and I wanted to start it off with a great one featuring the Look Fabulous Tour photos.   Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember wanting to be a model. I ...

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