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Ashley Nicole Jones. That’s me. I decided to go by my full name because, well, let’s face it, Jones is a pretty common last name. I’ve found that there are a lot of  women named “Ashley Jones” out there so hopefully using “Nicole” (although also common) can help distinguish me from the crowd. When asked to describe myself, sometimes I draw a blank. Where do I begin? Do you want to know background information or skills or personality? What is important?

So here are a few things about me if you’re interested…


As A Creative

I have a photography company dedicated to weddings and portraits called Shutter Sweet Photography designed to give back to the community and make a difference in the world around us. I also have another company dedicated to corporate photography and graphic design work that I’ve branded as Skylight Creative Group. So far, both are keeping very busy and I am excited to see how they grow.

With a degree in graphic communications and a minor in business administration from Clemson University, plus work experience with various printing companies and a web design and development firm, I have a well rounded creative background. With a natural eye for composition, I’ve been photographing the world around me for years and was first published in 2009. Photography is my passion, but as I am getting into painting as a hobby, I realize that I just love creating art. I also love building relationships with people and helping others.

I’m passionate about bringing the highest level of quality and creativity to every project I work on. As a designer, I’ve created something as small a clothing retail tag and as large as a complete business branding package (logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, website, advertisements, vehicle wraps, etc.). It’s always fun to work on new projects for businesses and non-profits of any size! I truly enjoy helping people and building relationships in the process. The same applies to my photography. As a photographer, I love getting to know people and creatively adapting the photography to fit the personality of the subjects and telling their story. My goal is to convey artistry through the images and offer something unique that is seen as art as well as a photograph. I truly love my job.


As A Woman

I love being a wife and a mom, even though my daughter (Skylar Marie Jones) is in Heaven now. Despite losing my daughter to a terrible genetic disease called SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) type 1, I can honestly say I truly love my life too. My husband and I are happily married and have fought for our relationship. We have gone through more trials at a young age than some people face in a lifetime. We have grown and gained perspective that we could not have learned any other way and are thankful for that. I feel very blessed and hope that I can help others just the same.

I’ve spoken at different events sharing my story. Specifically about our fight with SMA and losing my daughter, which included an SMA conference for medical professionals at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite, educational dinners and other fundraising events. I do my best to focus on the positive and that is how I get through every day.

I don’t like to call my self a Christian because of the horrible stereotypes and hypocrites out there who have completely ruined the meaning of that word, but I do strive to be like Jesus Christ and do my best to lead a life that brings glory to God. None of us are perfect and I don’t claim to be. My passion is helping people and making a difference in this world – whether that be through photography, donating my talents, listening to someone who needs an ear, giving a hug or whatever the need is that I can meet.