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African Children’s Choir – Embagga at Disney – Part 1

In July, I had the extreme privilege of photographing the Embagga Means Party concert in Atlanta through Shutter Sweet Photography. The African Children’s Choir performed along with many other great bands and artists to raise money for the independent documentary film about the choir, Imba Means Sing. The visionary behind the film, Erin Levin, is an inspiration to many as she sacrifices and works tirelessly to see her dream of this documentary come to life. It’s been such an honor to get to know her through working together as capture just a very small part of their bigger story.


While I was waiting to photograph the VIPs with the kids before the concert, I overheard that the kids were going to get a surprise trip to Disney the following week when they went to Florida. I was actually going to visit a dying relative in Orlando and would be right around the corner from them, so I offered to photograph the kids at Disney while I was there. It actually worked out perfectly as I arrived right as the kids found out they were going to Disney. I quick pulled out my camera and grabbed a few shots of the celebration. I jumped on the bus with them and joined them as they went around the park, but then left early to help my stepmom take care of her mom who was at home on hospice. They next morning, she passed away, but I was so thankful to have had the opportunity to be with the kids the day before.


It was great to have the memories and the opportunity to be with them as they experienced Disney for the first time. The bus ride there was exciting as I knew the kids probably couldn’t even imagine the park they were about to enjoy. It was also full of praise and worship as they sang to God with the most joyful voices and thankful hearts. Their songs and the joy that overflows from each kid is contagious. When we arrived, there were mouse ears for all as we passed out tickets to each kid and got everyone on the tram to the Magic Kingdom.


We all went to the castle to take a group photo and then to Space Mountain for our first ride. I couldn’t even imagine how scary it was for those kids. I wasn’t sure if they’ve been on a roller coaster, but I knew what to expect and it was still scary as you were tossed around in the pitch black not knowing what was around the next hard left or sharp right. The girls’ screams had me so tickled I couldn’t decided to scream with them or laugh. Afterwards, we cooled off in the mist and went along to the teacups. After that, we went to Splash Mountain where I stood outside to get some photos and the kids had Hero GoPro cameras to get their perspective of the rides.


It was a hot day so we took a break for lunch too cool down and then divided into groups to try to cover more ground, which will be covered in my next post. There were so many photos I decided to break it up into two parts to show more photos. I hope you enjoy this part one summary of our time together at Disney.


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Embagga at Disney

African Children's Choir at Disney

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African Children's Choir at Disney FL

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African Children's Choir at Disney FL

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African Children's Choir on Splash Mountain

African Children's Choir on Splash Mountain

African Children's Choir on Splash Mountain

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African Children's Choir at Disney

African Children's Choir at Disney FL

children from Uganda at Disney

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African Children's Choir documentary photographer


I hope you enjoyed part 1 of the Disney experience with the African Children’s Choir. I’ll be posting part 2 this week with the water fountains, some more rides, an ice cream break and more so check back soon!

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